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Women's trousers
    Women's trousers

    Enveloping and soft, these trousers are the perfect garment for warm summer evenings. The loose cut does not constrict the figure, the elastic band allows you to wear them for many hours without constraints. Perfect...

    Women's Round Neck Sweater Women's Round Neck Sweater
      Women's Round Neck Sweater

      Two-tone square neck sweater. The central insert in lurex illuminates the garment and makes any outfit shiny. Handcrafted production, 100% made in Italy. Details : square knit with lurex central panel Composition : 50% cotton,...

      Women's Round Neck Sweater Women's Round Neck Sweater
        Women's Round Neck Sweater

        Square neck sweater in stockinette weave at the base and ribbed at the bottom. The combination of two delicate nuances, such as powder and ecru, allows you to combine this garment with extreme ease with...

        Women's shirt Women's shirt
          Women's shirt

          Made in plain weave at the base and ribbed at the bottom and cuffs, this delicate crew neck is perfect for the most romantic souls. It knows how to soften jeans and make silk dresses...

          Women's Cardigans Women's Cardigans
            Women's Cardigans

            An easy and super practical garment, the cotton cardigan made in two contrasting colors completes casual outfits in a decisive and non-trivial way. The length that rests on the side makes it perfect for any...

            Bangui dress Bangui dress
            Bangui dress

            Elegance in essential shapes: this double dress, with an external panel in linen and an internal one in cotton, does not go unnoticed, thanks to the fluid movement it generates around the figure and the...

            Cardigan Accra Cardigan Accra
            Cardigan Accra

            In the summer, the cardigan is a must-have in the female wardrobe, especially soft-cut models that envelop the figure without binding it. Perfect with sporty outfits, the jacket cut of this piece also goes well...

            Tunis Stock Exchange Tunis Stock Exchange
            Tunis Stock Exchange

            Roomy bag made of cotton in three colors with internal lining in alcantara. A shopper reinterpretation of the 60s wrist bag: a practical and fun accessory that encloses the colors of summer in its warm...

            Rabat poncho Rabat poncho
            Rabat poncho

            Few garments are as multifaceted as a poncho: it covers without forcing, completes the outfit without tying it too much. Perfect for the summer, the plain weave linen poncho is a classic and timeless garment;...

            Poncho Lusaka Poncho Lusaka
            Poncho Lusaka

            Enveloping like a poncho, practical like a cardigan, the cotton kimono is the ideal garment to wear during mid-season, replacing the more classic sweater, or on cool summer evenings, as a light outerwear. Super comfortable....

            Lome cardigan Lome cardigan
            Lome cardigan

            The cardigan is a garment that can never be missing in the female wardrobe and this cotton one, with a belt at the waist and made in rice grain weaving, is an absolutely versatile piece....

            Giza hat Giza hat
            Giza hat

            An essential accessory on hot summer days, the cotton hat completes any outfit with a unique allure. The accent of elegance is given by the neutral tone of the yarns used. Handcrafted production, 100% made...

            Dakar vest Dakar vest
              Dakar vest

              Versatile three-color vest from this capsule collection made entirely by hand. The natural shades chosen for the creation of this garment make it particularly multifaceted: suitable for elegant and casual outfits, perfect for bright summer...

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